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COVID-19 | Good health is our priority

Like many of you, we’ve been watching the events surrounding COVID-19 as the situation develops around the world. Our staff’s wellbeing is our highest priority, and therefore KIXEYE is adopting recommended, preventative measures to safeguard against undue risk. 


Effective March 16th, all KIXEYE studios are closed and staff will be working remotely for the duration of the month. We will re-evaluate office status at that time and extend the work-from-home window as appropriate.


Our teams are fully committed to providing the highest quality experiences in the MMORTS space, and this has not changed. New circumstances are a new challenge to overcome – and that’s what we do best. All staff have been provided with the equipment, instructions, and access they require to successfully accomplish their day-to-day work for the duration of these measures.


Additionally, we’re aware that at this time of social distancing, video games will be leaned on as a primary entertainment outlet for people all over the world. To address this, every KIXEYE game is enabling ‘repair discounts’ and free gifts to ensure our products are at their most accessible during a time when our players are relying on us more than ever.


Stay safe, and good luck.